Increasingly everything that people need for themselves, they also need for their pets, so they are willing to splurge on luxuries like beds, toys, clothing, travel accessories, gifts and grooming services, along with the necessities including collars, leashes, bowls, medicine and veterinary services.

In these 3 to 5 years, sublimation printing dog leashes, dog collars and dog harness has become a new trend in the pet products industry. A number of newly established pet supplies brands successfully seize the market share of pet products through gorgeous sublimation printing design and high quality product standard. These new pet product brands and companies directly challenge the market position of traditional pet product brands.

If you are pet supplies designers or you are planning to sell pet products with your own design and logo, you can’t ignore sublimation printing dog leashes, collars and harnesses.

Work Flow of Importing Sublimation Printing Dog Leashes Dog Collars Dog Harnesses

Many freshmen don’t know how and where to begin. We are going to share with you working flow of importing and ordering sublimation printing dog leashes, dog collars and dog harnesses from P-NUTS China step by step. P-NUTS is one of the leading sublimation printing dog leash dog collar dog harness manufacturer and supplier in China. We have providing custom made sublimation printing pet products to more than 100 pet supplies brands and importers internationally.

Printing Design

Prepare your sublimation printing design file by AI or CDR format. You’d better choose the background color from Pantone color and mark the pantone color number on your design.

Factory Communication

Send your basic designs to leading sublimation printing dog leash manufacturer P-NUTS and tell us your planned quantity. Generally speaking, MOQ for sublimation dog leashes, dog collars and dog harnesses is 50-100 pieces/color/item. We will provide professional solution for you based on your quantity.

Strap Webbing Choosing

You can choose the thickness and width of the strap webbing. Normally, the thicker, the more expensive. The wider, the more expensive. And in fact, the choices are deeply decided by your target clients. 80% of our customers who focus on medium to high end market will choose better quality material. However, a few clients will choose thinner and cheaper material. Because their end customers can’t afford to higher price products.

Logo Material Choosing

There are 3 types of material can be chosen: weaving marks, PVC logo, silicon logo. Pro and cons are as following:

Weaving marks: Cheap and low cost. No mold needed. Low Grade. No MOQ.

PVC logo: It needs to open mold. Mold fee needed. Medium quality. MOQ is 1000pcs/color.

Silicon logo: Most expensive. Mold fee needed. High Standard. Environment friendly. MOQ is 1000pcs/color.

Accessories Choosing

There are various colors, quality standards, materials for the metal and plastic accessories like D rings, O rings, POM buckles and hooks. You can tell us your quality requirements or your budget.

With Or Without SBR Neoprene Handle

SBR neoprene handle can make the handle part more comfortable when walking dogs. You can decide to add the SBR neoprene handle or not.

Sample Production

After we have discussed and confirmed everything in detail, we can proceed to produce samples for you to check and test quality. We will follow your instruction to improve or revise. Sample fee has to be charged.

Mass Production

After several round of communication of samples, we can finally enter into mass production. We will manufacture sublimation printing dog leashes, dog collars and dog harnesses according to order and contract.

Quality Inspection

There are 3 ways of quality inspection. First, the most direct way is that you can come to our factory to check quality. This is the most expensive but practical way. Second, we can pick up some samples and send to you by DHL to check quality. Third, we can send you video which will include all details.


We will deliver your goods after product inspection. Normally, there are 3 kinds of shipping methods:

A. If your order quantity is very high, the best way is to ship by sea. This is the shipping way with lowest freight for large volume. It takes about 15-40days for you to receive the goods.

B. If the total volume is not large and weight is not high, then you can choose to deliver your sublimation printing dog leashes collars harnesses by air. It takes 7-10days for you to receive the goods.

C. If the total volume is not large and weight is not high but you need the goods urgently, you can choose to deliver them by international express such as DHL, FedEx and EMS. It takes about 5-7days for you to receive your goods. Meanwhile, this is the shipping method with highest freight.

Leading sublimation printing dog leashes dog collars dog harnesses manufacturer & Supplier in China
P-NUTS is a China-based leading manufacturer for sublimation printing dog leashes dog collars and dog harnesses. We are contract manufacturer offering custom made, private label dog leashes dog collars and dog harnesses for pet supplies brands and importers. OEM, ODM thermal transfer printing pet leashes, pet collars and pet harnesses are accepted.

Why Choose P-NUTS Pet?

If you are looking for a professional, reliable and high standard supplier and manufacturer of dog leashes, dog collars and dog harnesses, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Facts speak louder than words. Free samples can be provided for you to compare around before you order.

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