Wholesale Dog Harness Supplier in China

- We Are Not Just Wholesale Supplier But Also Direct Manufacturer -

P-NUTS is an outstanding source for dog harness. As a manufacturer, P-NUTS directly supply all types of high quality and supreme-designed cat harness and dog harness to pet supplies retailers and distributors all around the world.

Our Advantages

12-Year Experience

We have been producing and wholesaling dog harness internationally for more than 10 years.

Top Quality And Trendy Design

Our products are of high quality and original trendy design, which outshine others in pet industry.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

For the wholesale of ready-made pet harness, we accept low minimum order quantity requirement .

Competitive Price

We wholesale dog harness to distributors directly from our own factory. No brokerage at all.

Adequate Product Range

There are hundreds of different types of dog harnesses in our production line.

High Efficient Service

Our sales team members who speak good English are experts on pet product international trading business.

Designer Dog Harnesses

Comprehensive Dog Harnesses


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. We are direct manufacturer having our own factory manufacturing all kinds of dog harnesses in China. All products is from manufacturer to you directly.

Seeing is believing. Customers can buy only 1 piece of our dog harness sample to check everything first. You can place bulk order after our products pass your quality test.

NO. All products listed for wholesale are ready and finished products. Custom logo can’t be added for small quantity wholesale orders.

Minimum order quantity for manufacturing custom dog harness is 800-1000 pieces per product. If you need to add custom brand logo, you can go to our custom area.

For wholesale orders, all product details are set and could not be altered. That’s the reason clients can buy them in extremely small quantity.

However, you can place order of custom dog harness if the buying quantity is able to meet our MOQ requirement 800-1000 units per product. We are factory and we can produce various of custom products by any design any style any material. Click here to go to custom area.

The most frequently used shipping method is by air ( 7-14days ) OR by international express ( 5-10days ).

If the quantity is large, considering of the expensive freight, the best shipping way is by sea (35-40days ) OR by train(35-40days).

The faster, the more expensive. It depends on your decision.

3-7 working days after payment is received


1. Customers choose dog harnesses from our wholesale pet product categories.

2. Send wholesale buying list of dog harnesses to our sales team with following information: item number, photo, sizes and quantity.

3. Our sales member will check our latest stock situation and communicate with your about order details: prices, methods of delivery, freight etc.

4. Make payment for your order.

5. We will arrange and deliver your order within 3 – 7 working days and inform you tracking number.

P-NUTS is one of the leading supplier for the dog harness & cat harness in China. We are both manufacturer and exporter. We wholesale high-end pet harness to big and small pet stores all over the world directly. If you are sourcing for dog harness & cat harness from China, P-NUTS is always ready to build up long-term business relationship with you.

Wholesale Dog Harness Supplier in China

12 Years Experience | 50 Countries

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