White Label Dog Collar & Dog Leash Dog Harness Manufacturer China

We manufacture white label products for pet supplies brands and pet boutiques stores.

You can choose from our ready products, which means there are stock on our warehouse. Then we are able to add your own brand logo on these products.

White label products (dog harness, dog collar, dog leash, pet carrier) are easily spotted on store shelves, as they have the your own brand name on the label.

Basic Rules

How Does This Work

200 pieces of ready-made products

The white label services is to add brand logo only.

If you need to make alteration on the product shapes or designs, minimum order quantity is 800 pieces per product.

Yes. Different products can be mixed.

Choose from the ready-made products

Custom Private Logo

We have capabilities to create all types of custom logo for you, including PVC logo, 3D silicon logo, embroidery logo and dropping glue logo etc.

Add Your Own Store Label On Ready-Made Products

Small Quantity To Promote Your Brand

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    Founded in 2009, P-NUTS PET is a leading and professional custom-made pet products manufacturer and pet supplies factory in China. We are specialized in high quality, trendy-designed and comfortable pet products, pet supplies and pet accessories etc.

    White label dog harness dog collar and dog lead are easily spotted on store shelves, as they have the retailer’s own name on the label. Private label brands have become increasingly popular.

    If you are seeking for a reliable, professional and high efficient wholesale dog harness supplier in China, please do not hesitate to contact P-NUTS PET.

    Love your pet, Love your life.

    China Custom-Made Dog Harness Dog Leash Dog Collar Manufacturer
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