Vest style Reflective Shock-Buffered Dog Harness


Custom Design : minimum order quantity 800 pieces

Custom Order: customers have different product requirements. Please communicate with us about the pricing, shipping methods and others.

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Reflective Shock-Buffered Dog Harness

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Reflective Oxford Fabric & air mesh lining

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Type of Harness

Vest Style

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Basic Shipping

International Express

If the order amount is above 500USD please contact us and send your order to We will look for better and cheaper shipping solution for you. If you are going to use your own shipping agent, please contact us as well.

Quality Is In The Detail

Reflective Fabric and Webbing

Size Chart


Chest Circumference 48cm - 56cm


Chest Circumference 55cm - 72cm


Chest Circumference 71cm - 79cm


Chest Circumference 80cm - 90cm

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Custom Manufacturing

This classic dog harness is manufactured by P-NUTS. We have been manufacturing Custom dog harness for 10 years. All items of harness can be customized according to your requirements: custom brand logo, custom accessories, custom fabric, custom straps and custom patterns.

# Minimum Order Quantity

Custom Logo/Design/Packaging: minimum order quantity requirement is 800 pieces per product.

Everything is in your charge, including logo, material, webbings, colors and printings and accessories.

To manufacture your own custom-designed dog leashes, dog harnesses, dog collars, please contact us at

Things You Should Know About Custom Products

Minimum order quantity custom harness

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order quantity for manufacturing custom harness is  800 pieces ( 200 pieces per color*4 colors). This is the lowest quantity requirement for us to arrange mass production. If you are lack of fund and not able to meet the MOQ, please choose to buy ready products first rather than custom products.

Why Do We Set Minimum Order Quantity?

For custom/bespoke harness orders, product basic cost is 100% decided by quantity. If the order quantity is too small, then the basic cost for one piece of dog harness will be much higher because everything is customized. We have to spend more money on material, spare parts and labor force.

We set Minimum Order Quantity requirement to ensure the normal mass production, which makes items faster, better, and cheaper. The larger your production volume, the lower your cost and, subsequently, your product prices.

Why Do We Set Minimum Order Quantity
What information is needed when you send inquiry to us

What information is needed when you send inquiry to us?

Brief Introduction Of Your Business

Product Photos

Ideas About How Your Want To Customize The Products

Patterns Or Colors You Need

Your Brand Logo File Sizes And Quantities

Working Procedures

Inquiry & Communication - Working Procedures

Contract Manufacturer For Custom Dog Harness In China

Custom Printing Webbing

Everything is in your charge. You can customize the dog harness with your own design pattern. This directly reflects the style of your pet supplies brand. We use the top-grade sublimation printing technology. The printing quality is world-class and it never fades.

Custom Printing Fabric

We have various high quality fabric which can be printed with your own patterns and designs. The printing quality is outstanding and it never fades.

Custom Product Structure

There is no limitation of the dog harness’s structure or appearance. We can manufacture all kinds of dog harness according to your own design or photos.

Custom Size

Create your own printed custom size dog collars, leashes, harnesses. Custom size, width and thickness. You can decide everything based on your market popularity and cost control strategy.

Custom Logo

PVC, silicone label and woven label are available. We manufacture private label pet products for pet supplies brands and shops internationally.

Custom Accessories

From medium to high-end accessories, you can custom made the branded pet/dog harness on your request. All accessories can be used according to your design requirements.

The things we do best

Rich Experience

P-NUTS has been supplying custom-made dog harness worldwidely for more than 10 years.

High Quality

We have strict control procedure to ensure high quality of each pet product.

Fashionable Designs

All printings and patterns are designed by our own team.

Competitive Price

All products are manufactured and sold directly from our factory to you. No middleman. No agent.

On-time Delivery

We send out products on time according to the order contract. You can choose shipping methods including international express, air shipping and sea shipping.

Mixed Order

You can choose various of pet supplies here and mix different types pet products together in one order.

Our Clients

Driving technology for leading brands

Dog Harness Manufacturer In China

Professional, Reliable and High Efficiency

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