PSH2012 Hot-Sale Adjustable Step-In Dog Harn (12)

PSH2012 Adjustable Step-In Dog Harness

Product Name

Adjustable Step-In Dog Harness

Item Number

P-NUTS Dog Harness PSH2012

Main Material

Neoprene Fabric + Air Mesh Lining + Anti-Rust Metal Accessories + POM Buckles

Country Of Origin

Made in China Factory/Manufacturer


This hot-sale dog harness is made by high quality neoprene fabric & air mesh lining. It is adjustable, breathable, comfortable and fashionable for various dogs.


Minimum ordre quantity is 600 pieces ( 200 pieces per color*3 colors)


For custom orders, products are not limited to those on our website. We can produce dog harness according to your pictures, design drawings and blueprint etc.

Minimum Order Quantity Requirement

This adjustable dog harness is made to order only. Minimum order quantity is 600 pieces, 3 colorways can be mixed.

All parts of the dog harness can be customized, including the printing, material of the straps, color and style of the accessories, brand logo etc.

Why Work With Us?

Minimum order quantity custom harness

Rich Experience

P-NUTS has been supplying custom-made dog harness to pet supplies wholesalers, brands, pet shops, online sellers for more than 8 years.

Custom Manufacturing

We manufacture dog harness according to your custom requirements

Why Do We Set Minimum Order Quantity
Adjustable Step-In Dog Harn (2222)

Custom Sublimated Printing

You can provide custom-designed patterns for printing or choose from our patterns.


We have been manufacturing custom products to more than 165 pet brands and pet stores internationally since 2009.

PSH2012 Hot-Sale Adjustable Step-In Dog Harn (9)

Working Procedures


We are able to produce matching dog harness, dog leads, dog collars, dog car seat belts, poo bag holders, bandanas and bows etc with your own brand logo and design. If you are building up your pet supplies brands and looking for best quality, durable, recognizable and special pet walking supplies ( dog harness, collar & lead), don't hesitate to contact our sales team via