MBH1986 Full Cover Protection Harness (2)

MBH1986 Full Cover Protection Harness

Product Name

Full Cover Protection Harness

Item Number


Main Material

Oxford Fabric + Polyester Straps + Antirust Metal Clips

Country Of Origin

Made in China Factory/Manufacturer


This Full Cover Protection harness is perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting and outdoor adventure.


Minimum ordre quantity is 600 pieces ( 200 pieces per color*3 colors)


For custom orders, products are not limited to those on our website. We can produce dog harness according to your pictures, design drawings and blueprint etc.

Custom Manufacturing

Supplying to 30 countries, this dog harness is manufactured by P-NUTS. We have been manufacturing Custom dog harness for 10 years. All items of harness can be customized according to your requirements: custom brand logo, custom accessories, custom fabric, custom straps and custom patterns.

Things You Should Know About Custom Products

Minimum order quantity custom harness

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order quantity for manufacturing custom harness is  600 pieces ( 200 pieces per color*3 colors). This is the lowest quantity requirement for us to arrange mass production. If you are lack of fund and not able to meet the MOQ, please choose to buy ready products first rather than custom products.

Why Do We Set Minimum Order Quantity?

For custom/bespoke harness orders, product basic cost is 100% decided by quantity. If the order quantity is too small, then the basic cost for one piece of dog harness will be much higher because everything is customized. We have to spend more money on material, spare parts and labor force.

We set Minimum Order Quantity requirement to ensure the normal mass production, which makes items faster, better, and cheaper. The larger your production volume, the lower your cost and, subsequently, your product prices.

Why Do We Set Minimum Order Quantity
What information is needed when you send inquiry to us

What information is needed when you send inquiry to us?

Brief Introduction Of Your Business

Product Photos

Ideas About How Your Want To Customize The Products

Patterns Or Colors You Need

Your Brand Logo File Sizes And Quantities

Working Procedures

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