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Wholesale pet collar pet leads pet harness made in china & custom designed dog collar harness and leash set. We are principal china supplier manufacturer focusing on all kinds of dog collars, dog harnesses and dog leashes. Low minimum order quantity high quality and competitive price are our strongest advantages. We are best pet supplies supplier for pet stores, pet supplies sellers, pet supplies wholesale distributors and pet supplies brands.

Chromatic Design Dog Collar And Leash Set

Dog Collar Dog Harness And Leash Set

P-NUTS dog collar/dog harness and leash set is of high quality and graceful design. We produce various dog leash sets.There are a large number of original designs. We maintain large stock of all types of dog collar leash sets, harness leash sets and collar harness and leash sets. All P-NUTS leash sets are sold wholesale to pet shops, pet supplies stores, pet products brands and online pet supplies sellers. We are top and one-stop supplier for pet walking products in China.

Top Pet Collar Pet Leash Pet Harness Supplier and Manufacturer in China

For Wholesale

For OEM ODM Custom Made

Low Minimum Order Quantity Custom Dog Collar And Leash Set Made In China

More and more medium-sized and small enterprises in pet industry are intended to create new custom designed dog collars and dog leashes. But minimum order quantity is one of the biggest problem. Most small and minor enterprises are not capable to meet high minimum order quantities.  We set low minimum order quantity for custom dog leash, custom dog collar and custom dog harness.

For custom-made/OEM/ODM/private label dog collars and leashes, minimum order quantity is only  600 pieces per product (3 colors can be mixed, 3-4 sizes for each color). 

Contact us immediately if you are planning to create your own and customized dog collars, dog leads and harnesses.

P-NUTS Dog Leash Set

Top China Dog Collar Dog Harness Dog Leash Supplier & Manufacturer

One-stop purchasing of pet collars, leashes and harnesses from P-NUTS China. Supplying wholesale as well as custom made dog collars leads harnesses for business in pet industry internationally.