How To Pay Pet Supplies Suppliers In China

Terms of Payment

When placing order of pet supplies in China, the most usual terms of payment is 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance paid after quality inspection or before delivery.

International business transaction are much more complicated than domestic ones. The payment process is much longer, and involves all kinds of risks. There are some methods of payment:

1. Telegraphic Transfer ( TT )

This is the most commonly used method of payment. But please keep in mind that pay the balance only after you have checked and everything is all right: product quality, requested material, requested color, right size etc

2. Western Union

This is another common way of payment. Western union allow you to pay internationally to a person. For some small amount orders, pet products manufacturers may provide you their western union account for you to arrange payment. When you pay by western union, you should double check with the supplier about the account name, city and country.

3. PayPal

For very small amount less than 500USD, some pet supplies vendors may accept payment by PayPal. But for most of the cases, factories will not accept this method of payment because most of the manufacturers and suppliers in China don't have PayPal account.

4. Cash

If you fly to China, it is not a problem to pay the deposit by cash. But we strongly suggest that don't pay full payment by cash. Full payment by cash means you lose all initiative in his business. Once there is any defective problems or delay of delivery, you will be totally out of control and no bargaining power.

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